A bit more about
the Birth Injury Hub

The Birth Injury Hub is a place to access guidance and support for you, your child and family following a birth injury. This support hub lists practical, emotional, legal support and guidance for families affected by the impact of a birth injury.

We welcome any feedback on how we can improve our hub to make it as accessible and beneficial for all families dealing with birth injuries.

Don’t know where to start?

If you do not know what service you need here are some good starting points for families affected by a birth injury.

If your baby is currently in NICU there are organisations who may be able to provide practical support to you. Visit our Support during NICU page.

Understanding your birth

Request a debrief with a midwife or obstetrician involved in your birth. It is an opportunity to ask questions that you may have.

Speak to your GP

Booking an appointment with your GP can help.

Request a copy of your medical records.

The Birth Trauma Association

A charity that supports women who suffer birth trauma

Psychological support

You may like to consider counselling or CBT sessions via your GP or local hospital services.

We want your feedback.

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